Tree Equity Score Analyzer provides human centered, deep-dive decision making for urban tree plantings.

This is a picture of a laptop displaying the TESA application. On the left, there is a sidebar detailing block group data related to tree equity. On the right, there is a map with parcel and right-of-way geometries. Tree canopy outlines are also included in the map.

Take the Deep Dive

American Forests developed the Tree Equity Score Analyzer for cities and states ready to bring Tree Equity to fruition, one city lot at a time.

Tree Equity Score integrates data for all urban areas across the United States.

Tree canopy
Building density
Income & Employment
Surface temperature

Discover TESA

Find out where to plant trees to create the biggest impact.

Explore maps

Uncover the hidden story behind where trees are in your community.

Dive into user-friendly maps to peel back layers of rich spatial information down to the property level. Explore demographic data, assess environmental factors and land use, evaluate the potential for tree planting on individual properties, and view high-resolution tree canopy and satellite imagery. Discover valuable insights to increase your impact through tree planting and protection and guide engagement with residents.

Evaluate data

Access local data to guide your tree planting and protection efforts.

Easily evaluate and prioritize areas with the greatest need by using convenient mapping tools. Access valuable information to support planning, reporting and funding efforts. Tree Equity Score Analyzer puts data at your fingertips to help you maximize the positive effects of your tree initiatives.

Build scenarios

Add your tree plantings, improve your score and see your impact.

Reaching a Tree Equity Score of 100 may take several years of effort. User-friendly scenario building tools help you set achievable milestones and estimate the number of trees needed to reach your goals. Easily plan and track tree plantings and monitor your progress towards your goals. Find out how your tree plantings can positively transform the health and well-being of neighborhoods and communities.

Communicate impact

Effectively share your plans and accomplishments.

Each time you create a new planting scenario, an auto-generated impact report computes a variety of useful data points to help you prove out the Tree Equity impacts of your project. Each report summarizes your goals and/or tree plantings, and calculates the estimated economic, health and environmental benefits contributed by the trees already present on site and the additional benefits contributed by your project.

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